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Research Plan Public Defense

The academic year of the second enrolment, each student must do a public presentation of his/her Research plan. The presentation will be evaluated by a three members jury chosen by the Academic Committee. The presentation  consists of exposing the general goals proposed for the thesis, its justification according to the state of art in the research area, and the exposition of the way the main goals are expected to be reached.

In order have their Research Plan evaluated, students must deliver three copies of the following items:

  • A self-contained memory, where the general goals of the thesis are determined and justified according to the state of art of the research area they belong to. This document must be signed by the director and the tutor.
  • Personal information about the student, the thesis director and, when considered necessary, the tutor. This document must be signed by the director and the tutor.
  • Provisional title of the thesis.
  • Summary of the project.
  • Goals.
  • State of art.
  • Exposition of the way chosen to reach goals.
  • Working plan, with an estimated calendar.
  • Publications already done about that study field (when available)

 Deadlines for documentation delivery and dates for the defense are available in the calendar.