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Program structure and activities

Program structure

The current regulation and the adaptation to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) defines two periods in Doctoral studies:

  • The lecturing period
  • The research period

The lecturing period

In order to acquire the necessary background knowledge to perform research in the area, some students might have to complete their education with additional post-graduate courses.

Tutors will define a personalized itinerary for each student.

Click here to see the list of some eligible Master Courses for this period.

The research period

In this period the student will be trained to obtain the knowledge and abilities to perform quality research in the area. This training will be composed by different activities (courses, seminars, guided research assignments) that will lead to the elaboration and defense of a Thesis Project. If accepted, the candidate will be allowed to proceed with the elaboration of the PhD Thesis.

During this period students do not need to register for courses, but they must register every academic year for the tutoring they receive.