Dual Master Degrees

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya participates in the Dual Master's Degree programme within the framework of the CLUSTER network and with reference to the "Convention on CLUSTER Dual Master's Degree programmes".

In CLUSTER dual degree studies, the student completes part of the Master's programme studies in the home university and the other part in the partner university. The student completes the first year at the home institution and the second one at the partner instituttion.

The Master's Thesis is supervised by both universities and the student graduates from both universities.

Master's Programme in Artificial Intelligence (MAI) has currently two dual degree partner universities:

Dual Agreements

Application Process

Application process to the CLUSTER dual degree programme has two phases. First the student applies to the Master's programme. After the first semester of studies at the home university the student applies to the Cluster dual degree programme.

Students are admitted to the programme based on their academic results, prerequisite requirements, motivation and language skills.

More information about the application process will be available soon.