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Education is a social added value that enables people to play an active role in a world of economic globalization, rapidly evolving technology and competitive job market. In this scenario, higher education must be grounded on a body of lasting knowledge that can be easily adapted to a continously changing reality.

The Postgraduate program offers high-quality education in various areas of Computer Science and Engineering, leading to the Master and PhD degrees. The program provides students a solid background, expands the knowledge in specialized disciplines and sows the seed for long-term professional excellence.

The Master programs prepare the students to start qualified careers in industry or continue their education in a PhD program. The Master's thesis offers an opportunity to apply the attained knowledge and skills for solving a challenging problem in the students' preferred area of specialization.

The PhD programs provide an opportunity for young researchers to pursue a doctorate, conduct innovative research, and further the frontier of knowledge in theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Science.