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Evaluation of supervised research periods

Each year the academic committee  will evaluate each candidate’s progress on the thesis, as well as the related activities performed. All this information constitutes the so-called Activity Report Document (DAD). It must be reported before the stablished deadline that appears in the academic calendar. If a student fails the evaluation, there will be second evaluation in less that six months. If the student fails this second evaluation, he/she will be discarded from the program.

If the student does not present the required report his/her grade will be Fail.


For the student
  • Research related activities (e.g. publications, attendance to conferences, ...)  must be uploaded to DRAC ( Do not forget to click in the appropriate button to indicate that you want these activities to be part of your yearly DAD.
  • Update of your Research Plan indicating progress made during the year and deviations from the original plan must be uploaded to Atenea PhD ( Do not use the Research Plan zone with is intended to handle the public presentation.  Please, label de file ResearchPlan-year.
  • Other activities (e.g. seminars organized by the Doctorate School, summer schools, ...) must also be uploaded to Atenea PhD.
For the advisor/tutor
  • Once the student has uploaded all the documentation in DRAC and ATENEA PhD, advisors/tutors must log in ATENEA PhD and validate the information. Additionally, they have to write their opinion about how the work is evolving and the likeliness of the PhD being successfully completed.