Action Description in Short Term Dyadic Human Interactions

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Informació General
Títol de la tesi: Action Description in Short Term Dyadic Human Interactions

Data de caducitat: 30/06/09
Orientació: recerca

Departament del director de la tesi: MAiA, UB

Director de la tesi: Oriol Pujol
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Se espera que el desarrollo de esta tesis se realice completamente en inglés. La tesis puede estar sujeta (aunque no necesariamente) a la disponibilidad de datos externos.

Descripció de la tesi
Human face-to-face interactions are governed by direct and indirect communication channels. Direct channels are related to the conscious level of the speaker, while indirect channels are usually recognized subliminally by the receiver (i.e. kinesics or body language). The research in this master thesis is framed in the analysis of this second channel of communication. In particular, it is focussed in modeling the gestures and actions in video sequences with the purpose of understanding social signals and body language.