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42058 - Artificial Intelligence Seminar 2 (SEM-IA2)

  • Type: S3 Complementary Seminar
  • Semester: Spring
  • ECTS: 2
  • Teaching Points: 5
  • Offer: Annual
  • Responsible Unit: UPC/UB/URV
  • Responsible: One teacher from one of the universities
  • Language: English
  • Requirements:

To introduce current research themes in Artificial Intelligence field by well-known researchers all over the world.

Development of the theoretical content by the teachers.
Each academic year the content will be changed. See the Course schedules section for detailed information of current content.

This kind of seminar is normally given in one (or two) weeks in an intensive way. Different types of activities, such as attending lessons, reading and studying additional material (articles and book chapters) to acquire complementary knowledge will be distributed within a total of 2 ECTS (50 work hours).

Evaluation will normally be based in some assignments to the students.