42039 - Industrial Robotics (RI) [URV]

Type: S3 Course
Semester: Fall
Teaching Points:
Offer: Annual
Responsible Unit: URV
Responsible: Carlos García-Barroso
Language: English

This course aims at both introducing the basic concepts of Robotics and giving an insight into advanced subjects related to motion planning: coarse motion planning, fine motion planning and visual servoing. The theoretical knowledge will be complemented with practical work with industrial robots.


1. Introduction and basic concepts
  • Classification of robots. Architecture of robotic cells. Robot programming. Coordinate systems. Direct and inverse kinematics. Programming languages for industrial robots. RAPL language. Sensors and actuators.
2. Coarse motion planning
  • Introduction. Configuration space. Roadmaps. Visibility graphs. Voronoi diagrams. Cell decomposition. Potential fields. Landmark-based navigation. Extensions to the basic problem: mobile obstacles, multiple robots, articulated robots, kinematic constraints, uncertainty handling.
3. Fine motion planning
  • Mechanical alignment. Passive compliance. Remote compliance centre. Active compliance. Elastic and damped motion. Compliance matrix. Approximation motion. Contact motion. Examples of fine motion planning.
4. Visual servoing
  • Architectures for visual servoing. Feature-based visual servoing. Image-based visual servoing.