42038 - Cooperative Robotics (RC) [URV]

Type: S3 Course
Semester: Spring
ECTS: 4.5
Teaching Points:
Offer: Annual
Responsible Unit: URV
Responsible: Albert Oller
Language: English


This course aims at studying the techniques for intelligent coordination of teams of mobile robots and their most relevant application areas.


1. Multirobot self-localization
  • SLAM, Simultaneous localization and mapping, probabilistic methods, particle filters, perception-based methods, distributed SLAM.
2. Cooperative exploration and perception
  • Coordinated exploration of unknown environments, map generation, generation of three-dimensional models.
3. Multirobot task coordination
  • Explicit and emergent task assignment, robot swarms, optimal assignment problem, combinatorial auctions, ALLIANCE, BLE, M+, dynamic role assignment.
4. Dynamic physical systems
  • Multiagent systems, physical and logical agents, dynamic physical agents, physical body dynamics, declarative control level, declarative supervision level, planning, learning.
5. Cooperation architectures
  • Subsumption architecture, swarms, MetaMorph, INTERRAP, ALLIANCE, DPA2.