42027 - Multicriteria Decision Aid System (SAD) [URV]

Type: S3 course
Semester: Spring
ECTS: 4.5
Teaching Points:
Offer: Annual
Responsible Unit: URV
Responsible: Aïda Valls
Language: English


The student will be introduced to the research area of Multicriteria Decision Aid (MCDA). The main characteristics of this type of decision problems is that they must consider many preference criteria simultaneously. The student will have to model the criteria using different types of preference representation. The two main approaches to MCDA will be studied: Multiattribute Utility Theory and Outranking Relations. At the end of the cours, the student will have to know the theory, properties, advantages and drawbacks of those methods. Different free software will be used to practise.


1. Introduction
  • The decision making goals
  • How to model a decision making problem with multiple criteria
2. Types of preference data
  • Numerical
  • Categorical
  • Uncertainty
3. The Multiattribute Utility Theory
  • Introducction
  • Stages: rating and ranking
  • Aggregation operators. Properties
  • ClusDM
4. Outranking methods
  • Introduction
  • Outranking relations
5. Brief introduction to other approaches