Analysis of EMG information as pseudo-time series

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Informació General

Títol de la tesi: Analysis of EMG information as pseudo-time series

Data de caducitat: 30/06/2009
Orientació: recerca

Departament del director de la tesi: LSI
Director de la tesi: Alfredo Vellido
Correu electrònic:

Se espera que el desarrollo de esta tesis se realice completamente en inglés.

Descripció breu:
The study of motor unit action potential (MUAP) activity from electromyographic (EMG) signals is an important stage on neurological investigations that aim to understand the state of the neuromuscular system. In this context, the identification and clustering of MUAPs that exhibit common characteristics, and the assessment of which data features are most relevant for the definition of such cluster structure are central issues. In the current master thesis proposal, we aim to investigate different methods to pre-process EMG pseudo-time series data in order to improve the aforementioned analytical problems.

Requisits mínims i coneixements previs:
Familiaridad con el análisis exploratorio de datos y el reconocimiento de patrones (pattern recognition / machine learning / data mining / signal processing). Se valorará interés en el área medico-clínica y conocimientos de Matlab o herramientas similares. Imprescindible buen nivel de inglés técnico escrito.