42040 - Simulation and Data Visualization (SIVD) [URV]

Teaching Points:
Responsible Unit: LSI
Language: English

In this course the student will learn the theoretical foundations of the modelization and simulation by computer and the algorithms related to the graphical representation of data related to these processes. In concrete the objectives of the course are:

  • To know how to program the basic algorithms for the resolution of evolutionary problems. To know how to graphically represent the information that is obtained.
  • To understand the algorithms of simulation of scalar and temporal properties in two and three dimensions. To apply techniques of extraction of information and to rendering the results.
  • To present the simulation in particle and flow systems. To introduce the concepts of graphical representation of vectorial and calculated information.
  • To make a project of simulation by computer; tools of simulation, evaluation of dynamic systems and visualization of the information.


1. Simulation of elemental evolutionary systems.
  • Space and time discretization. Interpolation
  • Numerical resolution of differential equations.
  • Basic rendering techniques.
2. Problem simulation in two and three dimensions.
  • Simulation algortihms. Distribution of temperatures.
  • Obtaining data and visualization.
  • Direct volume rendering.
3. Vector data simulation.
  • Particle systems.
  • Rendering: color, perception and cognition.
  • Fluid flow simulation..
  • Fluid flow rendering.