Research Areas

The Ph.D. program is organized in to four research areas and some Foundation courses. Each one offers a set of courses providing either basic knowledge of the field, or a deeper knowledge suitable to do research in that area. There are also a set of courses for those students without a background on Computer Science/Mathemathics but with strong interest on Artificial Intelligence. The program research areas are the following:

Learning/Adaptative Systems
Supervised, unsupervised and by reinforcement machine learning techniques. Agents and Multi-agent systems. Negotiation. Electronic Commerce.

Natural Language Processing
The main tasks related to the majority of Natural Language Processing systems are studied: Parsing, Logic Based Systems, Grammar, Statistical Approaches, Machine Learning Based Approaches. Information Extraction, Automatic Summarization, Management of Textual Information.

A theoretical and practical overview of the reasoning techniques used in AI.

Soft-Computing [link]
A general overview of the different computational approaches that conform Soft-Computing, such as: Fuzzy Systems, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms.

Research assignments

Here you can find the list of research assignments for the AI.