Research Period

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Thesis Proposal Regulation

The Thesis Proposal  consists of exposing the general goals proposed for the thesis, its justification according to the state of art in the research area, and the exposition of the way the main goals are expected to be reached.

Enrolment in the Thesis Proposal will be done the academic year that students plan to present their proposal and it is a requirement for presenting the PhD Thesis. The only requirement is to be in the research phase of the Doctorate program.

When enrolment is formalized, the thesis director must sign it. If the thesis director is a doctor of the department, he or she will become formally the student’s thesis advisor.

The Doctorate Committee will establish two evaluation periods for Thesis Proposals per academic year. They will usually act at the end of each semester.

In order have the Thesis Proposal evaluated, students must hand in to the Doctorate Committee three explicative memories of the Thesis Project within a determined period (at least a month before its public evaluation).

Those students who have not handed in the required documents for the second semester examination period will be marked as Absent (No Presentat).

Handed-in documents must contain, at least:
  • A self-contained memory, where the general goals of the thesis are determined and justified according to the state of art of the research area they belong to. This document must be signed by the director and the tutor.
  • Personal information about the student, the thesis director and, when considered necessary, the tutor. This document must be signed by the director and the tutor.
  • Provisional title of the thesis.
  • Summary of the project.
  • Goals.
  • State of art.
  • Exposition of the way chosen to reach goals.
  • Working plan, with an estimated calendar.
  • Publications already done about that study field (when available)

These documents will be evaluated after  a public presentation. The Proposal  will be marked with Pass or Fail. T

The CAP will name every year one or more tribunals, and assign the candidates to the most suitable tribunal.  This tribunal will analyse the thesis project  and will determine the date for the oral and public reading inside the period stablished in the calendar.

Evaluation of Supervised research periods
Students who enrolled before course 2007-08  will be evaluated according to the old regulations only by their  supervisor.

For students of the PhD in the new AI Program the evaluation of the supervised research periods will be  performed by the Academic Comission of the program.  The evaluation will be grounded on to reports one issued by the student and another  issued by the department responsible, the tutor before the acceptance of the thesis proposal, or the supervisor/ponent after the acceptance of the thesis proposal.  Thise reports must be presented inside the stablished period in the academic calendar.

In the case that a student in the research period of the program does not present the required report his/her grade will be Fail. 

Note that, according to the general rules,  after two consecutive supervised periods with a Fail grade the student will be discarded from the program. 

  • Fill the evaluation form and hand it printed to the LSI Secretariat.
  • Fill the report form and send it signed, together with your report to the LSI secretariat ( 
  • Fill the report form and send it signed to the LSI secretariat (